Dry Skin care Do’s and Don’ts

Limit Bathtub and Shower Time

While most of us love to soak in the tub or take a long, hot shower to relax, this is not helpful to your skin.  Doing this can actually strip your skin of the natural oils that protect it.   If possible, choose to take a shower over a bath.  Instead of using hot water, use lukewarm water.  Do not take too much time washing.  Pat your skin instead of rubbing dry.  Apply moisturizer right away.

Pay Attention to your Skin when Starting New Medications

Some medications can cause dry itchy skin.  Retinoid that is used in acne, antihistamines used for allergies, and diuretics used for high blood pressure can cause dry itchy skin.  If you discover dry itchy skin after you start a new medication, contact your doctor.  He/she may be able to alter the dosage or prescribe something new.

Reduce Sun Exposure

While it is common knowledge that sun exposure is not healthy for your skin, you may not realize that it can be the cause of your dry itchy skin.  Be sure to use a sunscreen that contains at least a 15 or higher SPF.  Do not be fooled by the clouds.  Ultraviolet light can penetrate through clouds, fog, and snow!

Use Mild Cleanser

Antibacterial soaps can strip your skin of natural oils.  Look for a mild soap that is free of fragrances.

Apply Moisturizer before you are completely dry after a Shower

Waiting to apply moisturizer until after you are completely dry is not the best time to apply.  Use a moisturizer that is fragrance free right after you get out of the shower and have pat yourself dry.

Hydrate your Skin with a Humidifier

During the winter months, warm indoor air is just as harmful to your skin as cold winter air.  Turn down the thermostat and turn on a humidifier where you spend most of your time.

Pay Attention to how your Clothes feel

Wool, as well as other itchy fabrics, can irritate your already dry itchy skin.  Cotton and cashmere are the best clothing choices for people with dry itchy skin.

Dry Itchy Skin could be Genetics

There are some conditions that can be inherited, such as: ichthyosis, xerosis, asteatosis or acquired ichthyosis.  Contact a doctor for suggestions on how to handle this type of dry itchy skin.

Stop Smoking

Tobacco smoke has almost 4,000 chemicals.  When you smoke, you expose your skin to these toxic chemicals that can trigger oxidation.  This will result in free radicals attacking your skin cells.  This results in yellowed, itchy dry skin.

Take the precautions necessary to prevent dry itchy skin, and you will be able to focus your attention on more important things in your life.






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